Minimum requirements

Installation process
Step 1: Upload the 'evp' directory from the zip folder you received when you purchased into the public_html directory of your website using your favourite FTP program. Please do not upload the entire zip file (i.e. including this help guide) because you will be unable to access the installation process
Step 2: CHMOD the 'config.php' file and the 'assets/tmp/' directory and the 'assets/files/' directory to 0777 (If you are unsure how to do this, refer to this very helpful guide here:

Step 3: Create your database and a username within cPanel with the required permissions (CREATE, SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, and UPDATE)
Step 4: Go to (Where '' is your domain) If you see a 404 (File Not Found) error, or if the page looks broken or unfunctional, then it is highly likely that you have not uploaded the files into the correct place on your server. Please check the upload process again before contacting us!

Step 5: Fill in the database information requested at the top of the form. Please don't forget that on the majority of servers, your database name and database username will be prefixed by your cPanel username. For instance, creating a database called 'evp' is likely to actually be called 'mysite_evp', depending on your cPanel username. The 'prefix' field can be left as 'evp_' - this is for advanced users installing multiple copies of EVP into one database and is not recommended. Your database host will usually be 'localhost'

Step 6: Check that the URLs are correct - they should point to the EasyVideoPlayer installation. These values are almost always correct by default
Step 7: Enter your email address and a password which will be your username and password to the administration area of EasyVideoPlayer
Step 8: Click 'Install'. If your database connection cannot be established, please check the values you entered in the database section
Step 9: Remember your username and password, and click 'Continue'
Step 10: Finally, enter your username and password to access the administration area. This is the URL to sign in in future to upload files and manage your statistics and settings!

Setting up & using EVP
EasyVideoPlayer allows you to quickly and easily upload your videos and mp3 files to Amazon's cloud hosting, S3. You can also upload videos on your own server, but please note that this feature is not advised if you are using budget hosting, because the popular budget hosting plans are not designed to serve large files. It also allows you to powerfully customise what happens after the video - you can take the user straight to a website, display a button, and even more powerfully, enter any kind of HTML code to be displayed. You could enter an Aweber form and have them sign up to your mailing list straight from your video!

After signing in, the first page you will see is the dashboard. Once you have uploaded some files, you will see some helpful statistics here, but for now, you need to upload a file to get started. Click on the 'New File' tab.

If you have configured S3, you still have the option to host your file from your own server. Simply click on the 'I want to host this file from my own server' button to get some helpful information about this. Next, you need to decide if you want to upload a video or audio file. Then simply click 'Browse' to pick the file from your computer and press the 'Upload' button. As the page warns you, please make sure that the file is one of the supported types and under 1GB in size, otherwise the upload will fail.

Once the upload is complete, and this may take some time depending on the file size and the speed of your internet connection, you will be taken straight to the page where you can customise the player for this file.

Once you have made the changes you wish to your files's settings, just click the 'Save my settings' button at the bottom of the page.

View the preview of your video or audio file here. If your settings are correct and working then simply copy the code from the box and paste it into your website!

Further help
You can get further help and assistance from the help videos in the members area where you downloaded EasyVideoPlayer. If you have lost the link (It was also emailed to you), then please contact us with your payment information and we can provide your link to you.